If it’s IT, we deal with it. And if Cultrix deal with it, that means the most intelligent, effective IT, and everything to do with IT, solutions for your business. Including telephony.

Business telephony is just another part of your IT

Telephony is just connectivity. (We know you know that.) And connectivity is the one thing your business needs without compromise. We are experienced in working with all kinds of businesses and organisations to provide bespoke connectivity and telephony solutions for the kind of mobile, flexible and ‘always available’ communications that they need to perform at their optimum. We can confidently say, that if you’re not well-connected, if your customers and colleagues cannot reach you and each other, when they need to, how they need to, your operation is heading only one way – to a grinding halt.

Reliable and scalable connectivity is essential for the health and growth of your operation. It’s that simple. Professional environments demand it, your customers demand it, and your employees will be happier because of it.

For pure scalability and reliability, hosted telephony is the answer. VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, has overtaken the landline, with all its impracticalities of expensive installation and calling costs. VOIP only relies on a stable internet connection, and even then, contingencies can be put in place to mitigate any lack of stability. Your phone on your desk can be your mobile, your tablet or your laptop, for however many employees you need, and for wherever you are, including conference calling. We will configure the best, hosted telephony solution for your particular operation and your budget, which will reflect well on you professionally, and support you with the reliability and flexibility you need going into the future.