Check your IT support provider’s identity!

We're not really superheroes. But it depends who you ask…

To our customers, we are, of course, a dynamic team of IT and web superheroes, swooping in to save the day, providing high-impact business IT solutions and the type of rock-solid reassurance businesses can really touch and feel. 

But we’re not actually flying through the sky in skin-tight Lycra like the comic book characters portrayed on our website. We don’t want to disappoint anyone, least of all our competitors, but our fun-loving image is to distinguish us from the mass of blue and grey websites out there. We see a lot of dullness, people hanging out of server cabinets surrounded by a sea of cables, and so on. That’s not us. Although we can deal with servers and cables just fine.

We are not dull. And while we might not be actual superheroes, we are real, not-dull humans - people you aren't scared to ring to ask what you think is "a silly question". That’s what makes us different and our customers know why. When we speak on the phone, we have real conversations. And not because we have to, because we care. We want our customers’ businesses to succeed, and it'd weigh heavily on us if their IT stopped that happening.

While many of our customers claim that we are their IT superheroes, we're really just IT professionals doing a great job. Take a look at our line-up on our team page for the real faces behind the costumes.

We recommend you always check the team page of your IT support company. The last thing you need is your business IT in the hands of a one-man band. Are they real people? Is there a good number of them to handle your requests? Will they always answer the phone to you direct?

So maybe we're superheroes, and maybe we're not. It depends who you ask. But one thing we aren't is a one-man-band computer repair shop claiming to know what to do in a critical situation, charging a very low price. Please don’t fall victim to these people and then find out they're out of their depth when you really need them. Although we’re always here to rescue you, should accidents happen.