With many businesses now having their entire workforces based from home, much has been said about the benefits brought to both employers and their employees. But what about the customers those businesses serve? Do homeworking and remote working employees make your customers happier by delivering a better service?

Do homeworkers make your customers happier?

Less noise

Many employees, particularly those who are used to working in a busy call centre, or office, where people are coming and going, have reported that they are able to concentrate better on the customer they are dealing with over the phone.

Obviously, if the home environment is noisy, this benefit won’t apply. But for the majority of homeworkers, less distractions and background audio has resulted in the ability to be able to listen more effectively to the customer, and ultimately deliver a more satisfying service to that customer. Customers do not have to repeat themselves, and benefit from a service that meets all of their needs; some of which were potentially not identified during a more distracting audio environment.

Greater talent pool

Previous to the homeworking situation the coronavirus pandemic brought about, employers with one premises tended to recruit their staff locally. Not particularly intentionally, but just as a natural result of being geographically based in one place. Since establishing a remote, home-based workforce, employers have found they are able to recruit from a wider pool of talent, since where employees actually live is no longer a factor.

With no commute to consider, people are considering employment opportunities further afield, which brings greater talent to employers who are looking for someone exactly suited to the roles they are hoping to fill. With employees more suited to, and happier in, their role, the customers benefit from increased quality of service.

Scaling up or down to suit busy times

Employers can more easily scale up or scale down the size of their workforce to serve the needs of their business. During peak periods and seasons, more employees working more hours can be easily and quickly plugged in and set up to ensure the required standards of customer service are maintained.

Calls and emails from querying, buying customers do not have to go unanswered or left for unacceptable lengths of response time, because a business premises cannot accommodate a growing team.

Savings can be spent on benefits

The savings made by businesses due to homeworking, on premises, equipment and the physical accommodation of staff mean there are opportunities to invest in those things to benefit the business.

Investing in improved technology that will better serve your customers, is a possibility. But employers can also choose to invest in staff benefits, to enhance staff wellbeing. Childcare vouchers and gym membership are some of the ways employers have added to the working-from-home experience for staff, increasing workforce happiness, which they’ve found in turn increases the happiness of their customers, in their service.

Greater geographical coverage

With a workforce more geographically spread, potentially throughout the country, businesses find they’re able to service more customers from a wider geographical area too. Suddenly, the ability to serve customers further afield is viable.

Where customers need support onsite and in person, firms can now have engineers and technicians ready to help in those areas; since there is no need to centre activity around a business premises any longer. With a geographical spread of talented employees, customers can have the support and service they want, when they want it.

The benefits to employers of the homeworking revolution has certainly delivered increased happiness to customers through increased employee engagement at those firms where the benefits are embraced. There is a further win to increased employee engagement and wellbeing too, which is improved business perception. Positive talk of your business improves customers’, and potential staff’ opinions of you, resulting in all-round happier staff and a loyal, growing customer base.