Do you have new, or returning, employees from furlough coming back to work? If you’ve changed your systems, they might need some help.

Do your new employees need IT training and support?

If your systems have had to change over the last 12 months, perhaps you’ve had to invest in new technology, or utilise cloud-based systems and remote working technology that you’d not needed prior to the pandemic. Then your employees, whether new, or returning back to work, may need some help to get to grips with your setup.

Employees’ wellbeing

It’s important that your employees feel they can do the best job they can, comfortably, without the potential confusion and pressure of getting to know unfamiliar systems. They need to know they have support available to them; friendly, accessible support, particularly when it comes to IT.

With most employees still working remotely, at least for part of the working week, wellbeing is important to consider. Employees can easily feel isolated and alone at home, without the IT-enabled systems for collaboration and contact.

It’s vital that your employees have the tools they need to be able to feel in touch, and be in touch, with you and their fellow colleagues. If you have a collaborative working application in place, such as Microsoft Office 365, do your returning employees know how to use it fully, and are they comfortable using it? If you’ve invested in a new system, you want it to be utilised, and not for employees to fall back into old and familiar, but inefficient and outdated, ways of working.

Extra security

Security of systems and data has become more at risk since the pandemic. With more activity taking place on online, there are more potential vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. It’s also important that your homeworkers are connected securely and able to access your systems without vulnerabilities presenting.

And you may need your employees to work in a different way that is better for your security and compliance, in which case you’ll need properly brief them and monitor they’re working to new protocols that protect your systems.

IT support that employees can actually use

We’ve all had the experience of having IT support available to us, but actually, the last thing you want to do is spend twenty minutes explaining an issue you don’t understand, to then not have it properly resolved.

What businesses and their employees need, at what is a difficult time anyway for most businesses, is IT support that is friendly, above all accessible, and actually helps.

Your IT support provider should be able to help you to support your employees and be there for them with ready, positive help.

Your IT support provider is there to support your business, in whatever way with your tech, you need. If new, or returning, employees need some help with the tech, then that’s a real detriment to your business if you can’t get those employees up and running quickly, and with the greatest of ease. 

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