If you have recently been set up to work from home due to lockdown, you can, more than likely, work from anywhere. Post-lockdown, just think of the possibilities. Let’s take a look at what the future might look like, and the extra equipment you might need.

Forget working from home. Work from anywhere.

If you were always office-based, but have recently made the move to working from home in order to keep safe during the pandemic, it is likely that you are already equipped with most of the technology and equipment you need to actually work from anywhere. As lockdown restrictions ease and businesses and their employees start to move around, but maybe not entirely back to the office, the possibility is real that many teams and individuals continue to work from home, or from anywhere else they want to station themselves for the day, because they already have the ability to do so.

The protocols for security and compliance, if they have been set up correctly, along with agile-enabling policies such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for employees using their own mobile phones, apply whether you and your team are working from home or anywhere else. If you’re using a company laptop, your data and privacy setup should also be in order, to enable you to access your systems from any remote connection.

If you need to take a trip to see a relative, or assist a friend or family member during lockdown, and when we emerge from lockdown – go anywhere, for any reason - there will literally be nothing – apart from access to broadband – that stops you from picking up your devices and attending to the work that you need to.

If you’ve not thought about the possibilities of working from anywhere before, this could be potentially liberating. If you are now able to carry out all your work only with your devices, including meetings, conferences and all work functions -the world really is your oyster – lockdown measures permitting.

Going back to broadband access. If you know you may be in an area where broadband access is a problem, learn how to tether your laptop to your phone so that you can access Wi-Fi. Alternatively, look into a Mi-Fi device to tether from, if you don’t want to use your phone or tablet. If you’re concerned about privacy for your screen, you can obtain a screen filter. And if you need a second screen, get a separate, portable LED screen.

Once you’ve got the basics in place for your business’s security for you and your team to work from home, there is nothing stopping you. In this day and age, we are now looking to the future where more people than ever before are contactable and enabled for work whether they are in their home, garden, or anywhere else in the world.

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