Did you know it’s ok to give your business a gift at Christmas? Find out why IT support, if you don’t already have it, or the type of IT support that really powers your business, could very well be the best gift you ever give your business.

Give your business IT support for Christmas

IT support - the gift that keeps on giving

From day one, professional business IT support provides reassurance and security in running, and enabling, your business. But it’s also what IT support provides going into the future that’s valuable, and justifies the investment:

Do you want your business to be:

  • more efficient in its processes?  
  • more secure against cybercrime? 
  • more resilient to disasters? 
  • better able to serve customers?

If Christmas isn’t a good time to repeat the long-lasting benefits to businesses of IT support, we don’t know when is.

IT support enables your business to be equipped for future operation. IT support isn’t a box of chocolates you will eat then it’s gone. The candle, the bubble bath that disappears in a second, IT support is a long-lasting investment in the future of your business.

A gift that makes business sense

Help when things go wrong

If something breaks, or you have a software or data mishap, you have to take time out to fix it. With IT support you’ll get ongoing maintenance support for equipment, but also unlimited telephone, email and remote support whenever you need it for any issues or queries you have as you’re working.

With 24-hour system monitoring and automated backup, it’s unlikely that a problem would arise, and most issues are rectified before they become a problem, but a responsive helpdesk and engineers are there to help you should there be one, which gives complete peace of mind.

And if you need an engineer onsite, it can be arranged, although nearly all IT mishaps can be resolved remotely.

Constant proactive monitoring

Even if you find you don’t need to call your helpdesk that much, they are always working behind the scenes, looking after your systems. Via remote monitoring, your IT support will let you know if there is an issue or if they deem you to be vulnerable.

IT support is not just about how many requests for help you need, t’s about the proactive oversight of your systems to make sure that everything is running as it should and you’re not at any risk.

You can’t keep up with cybersecurity by yourself

Especially if you deal with your customers online, without professional support, you are unlikely to be able to be as resilient as you need to be against the constantly increasing and developing threats of cybercrime.

New security breaches present all the time; IT support who are also cybersecurity experts will be able to ensure you get the best advice, and most up-to-date, effective measures in place to protect your all-important data.

You can’t keep up with technology by yourself

At Cultrix, we always say, if you have an inkling that a better use of technology could help run your business better, then it probably can. Whether you are thinking about moving to the cloud, automating and integrating manual systems, organising data better, or concerned about weaknesses in your security, there is likely to be an IT solution.

IT support professionals are on top of what is available in the world of IT and tech, to power businesses, and can bring this technology to you rather than you spending hours of time sourcing and applying solutions yourself.

Spread the cost

Unlike other types of gifts, there is no major, upfront outlay with Cultrix IT support. The monthly fee, that covers only the support you uniquely require for your particular business, does not involve capital outlay, or any all-at-once expense. Plus, with no lengthy contracts, you are not tied in.

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