You wouldn’t use the first computer you bought to run your business. But what about the one you bought a few years ago? If like me, you shudder to think of doing anything on any of your old machines, see if any of this computer ‘history’ makes your blood run cold. And why, you need to always plan to buy new.

How old is your business computer?

Of course, I wouldn’t use a ZX81 to carry out my work and run my business from now. No. Of course not. I wouldn’t know how to, even if it were possible for me to do it. I was only ten years old when the family owned a ZX81, but I remember enough to know that it was a largely useless, for ornamental purposes only, mysterious black thing on the dining room table. (We didn’t even really have desks back then, only ‘writing bureaus’ with lovely stationary stacked in you could write on with real pens, and dictionaries made of actual paper.)

Fast forward twenty years, glossing over my electric typewriter with an LCD display the size of a stamp, and Dictaphone, and I have a PC computer stack with separate screen, keypad and mouse. It was great for a bit, until a self-qualified IT expert friend updated the OS and everything went wonky. Documents from clients arrived in gobbledygook and I got used to numerous work arounds for saving files so they didn’t become corrupted.

Fast forward five years to my borrowed / gifted Lenovo laptop and I shudder to think, even on this penultimate machine to the one I have now, doing any work on it. In the last, just over a year, I have a fairly expensive Asus 8th generation laptop with Solid State Drive (SSD) that I absolutely love. I type at night just to marvel at the backlit keyboard; and I feel a little secret smile that all my work is safely backup up in the cloud with nothing clunking around my hard drive.

I’ve come a long way in technology to run my business, and I bet you have too. But there will come a day when my beloved Asus, and your, maybe, not too old tech, will have had its day too. Awful to think of now, but just as we wouldn’t trust our old machines to work on now, there will come a day when we’ll think this of what we are working on now.

Technology is moving so fast that it’s hard to imagine we’ll be moving on so soon. No doubt, if you’re working with an excellent IT provider, they will keep their eye on the tech market for you, and advise you when you need to ship in new hardware. But how new is new? If, for now, like me, you’re happy with your lot, because we HAVE come a very long way since 1981, you can keep your eyes fixed on your screen, perhaps a little grubby with dust and the odd coffee splash, and just keep on going.