We can’t help if your sandwich van is late, or your chief designer keeps falling asleep, but we can help with nearly everything else, because it’s amazing how many aspects of your business are IT-related.

If you have a problem, we’ll solve it!

Telephony and connectivity, peripherals, hardware, software, power, audio and visual, moving offices, IT and systems security, IT training and the full range of cloud and web services including servers and system compliance, are all covered by Cultrix. After all, our reason for being is to provide you with complete compliance, peace of mind and continuity of operation.

But it’s quite surprising how our services extend into other areas where problems may occur and where we can help you. If the toaster in your kitchen bursts into flames, we think your first call should be the Fire Service, but how long is it since all your appliances were subject to PATs (Portable Appliance Testing)? We class this as a compliance service and one that we can provide. After all, there are a lot of power sockets when it comes to offices, and they all need to be regularly checked for safety.

Similarly, if you have power cables running all over your office and someone trips up and injures themselves, you’ll need your First Aider straightaway, but can we help configure your power and cables better to make your office safer? Your business continuity is affected if you have people attending to avoidable, preventable disasters.

Dropping your mobile in the toilet, leaving a pen in the hinge of your laptop, leaving your laptop on the train, forgetting where your files are saved, are all day-to-day, IT-related mishaps that Cultrix can help with. Our full IT support package aims to protect you from these disasters, however small they might seem at the time, because they have a direct impact on your business continuity, not to mention stress levels!

At Cultrix we provide businesses with full IT services and backup for all their business functions and complete continuity of operation and reduced stress.