You’re told all the time “you should always be backing up your work”. In your head it's common sense but when it actually comes to it you can’t remember the last time you really did back up your work. Let’s face it, you’ve never lost a memory stick and your computer never leaves your desk, so nothing is really going to happen to that data. Right? Wrong. You might be the most careful person in the world but things can always go wrong. Your hard drive might fail or your memory stick could corrupt, losing all your data. Or a power cut could damage your server.

The importance of backing up

Imagine this scenario: there’s been a leak at work after lots of heavy rain and it blows your electrics and the power surge damages your server and your computers. You’ve lost all your data. There’s parts of it on your home computer and your external hard drive but the majority of your business data is lost. Could your business survive? Data loss is one of the leading causes of a business closing down. It’s a big issue. Furthermore for legal reasons a lot of data has to be kept on record for set periods of time. You might think, "It’s okay. I had hard copies of all this lost digital data". But actually the leak damaged all the documents in the filing cabinet too so it dawns on you that you’ve actually lost all your data. You might now think, “If only I’d backed up!”

It might sound far-fetched but things like this do happen. It’s the reason why you have home insurance. They might be rare occasions but can you really afford to refit your entire kitchen if your chip pan catches fire? Of course not. The question is, why if you wouldn’t let your home go uninsured would you let your business data or website go uninsured, i.e. without backing up?

We’ve got you covered. For essential data and emails we have cloud backup solutions that can cost £1.50 +VAT per month per gigabyte and website backup will cost for most people £2 per month. We also have other data backup solutions that vary in price. For a quote or to find out more information call Dawn on 01226 736673.

Please note these figures are ballpark figures and should not be taken as a quote or definitive pricing as lots of variables come into play and could mean you pay less or more than what is stated.