With so many of us now working from home on a permanent, semi-permanent or ‘until further notice’ basis, it’s no surprise that product and tech designers are piling their efforts into making our working from home more joyful, comfortable and entertaining.

Innovations in home working

From wellbeing apps to cable organisers, to improvements in the actual technology we need to work from home, here are some of the most useful, weird and wonderful innovations hitting the market.

  1. Microsoft Teams are planning to up the experience of your conference calls and include the faces on your screen of everyone you are in the call with. The Together mode will be able to mimic meeting rooms and coffee shops, as well as overlay the face and hands of the presenter. Data from MS Teams reveals that people have been in 55% more meetings and calls up until the end of August 2020 and they are working to improve people’s experience. 
  2. In an effort to integrate work with mental health and wellbeing, MS is also planning to integrate with Headspace, to offer Teams users, a “curated set of mindfulness experiences and science-backed meditations”. 
  3. Need to exercise while you’re sat at your desk? Now you can. There are many devices on the market, but the Noonchi is an example of resistance stretcher for your upper body that you secure to the back of your chair so that you can stretch while you read emails and even when you’re in on a video call (we think!). 
  4. If you need to remain close to your desk, but need to relax every now and again then why not get a desk hammock that fits to the underneath of your desk and lets you rock peacefully on your breaks. Oh – this only works with a standing desk situation. 
  5. Standing desk kits are a good idea for when you feel the need to get up and think on your feet. With a kit, you can turn your existing desk into a standing situation. Working on your feet is better for you, you can move around and get some steps in or jogging on the spot as you dream up your next move. 
  6. Design-conscious routers whilst not offering anything more practical than your everyday router, add an aesthetically pleasing element to the environment you might well be sick of looking at. There are many weird and crazy designs to inspire the look of your workspace. 
  7. Swivel-hinged keyboards are designed to be more intuitive and comfortable to use. Plus, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that you’ve got the most expensive keyboard in your company! 
  8. Tactile reminder boards and organisers whilst doing just the same as a plain old white board and pen, have foam magnetic blocks you can customise and move around. If you like a snazzy, at-a-glance view of your work-to-date and work-to-do position, have a browse of the many on the market. 
  9. Cable concealers may sound pretty normal, but there are advancements in this product worth looking at. Cables can be annoying to have around so having them tidy and also looking good is a big plus. NO more annoyance with cables means more headspace for concentrating on the tasks in hand. 
  10. Saving the best until last – grid-like rooms within rooms are interior structures designed to create an office space within your room. If you like your interior design and want to mark your office territory, whilst stylishly merging it with your home surroundings, this maybe one for you. 

    With so many people now working from home, and looking like home working is here to stay, it’s reassuring to know that innovators are working to make it more interesting, healthy and progressive for us. We, for one, cannot wait to see the new Teams Together and have a virtual meeting, with all of our Cultrix faces in.  
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