As we increasingly live in an instant world, where everything we want is available within a click of a button, are you finding that the customer service you receive is diminishing on a daily basis? If so, like me, your answer is yes, have you ever asked why this is the case? And have you ever challenged the lack of service you have received? Which, by the way, is more difficult to do, than it sounds.

Is good customer service becoming a thing of the past?

I have worked in customer service roles for over 35 years. Now I am Operations and Customer Relations Manager at Cultrix, a role I love and am dedicated to. So, you could say I have an interest in the dynamics and contemporary expectations of customer service, especially because, here at Cultrix, we strive to be an industry leader in every aspect of customer service.

But here is my experience: the more places I go, things I see and people I hear, I can say that I am, more and more, horrified at how low modern standards of customer service have become. And society seems to be accepting the situation!

I believe there are a number of reasons that explain the trend of sinking customer service, so in a short series of blog posts I am going to explore them in more detail. Stick with me for the next post, where I discuss, first up: sales targets.

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