If you’ve invested in new technology for your business, you’re going to need an element of IT support to go with it. A bit like, if you open up a shop, you’re going to need to employ someone, if not yourself, to open up that shop each day and keep it running smoothly. From stock management to security, from pest control to payment compliance – there’s a lot more to running a shop than procuring the premises!

New tech? Why you’ll need IT support too

In the same way, new tech alone for your business does not fulfil attention to your technology requirements. IT is essential for businesses to operate safely and effectively. Workstreams, communication, project management and customer care are all digitised and controlled more effectively with better use of tech. But the requirements of responsible use of business tech, go far beyond use of the actual tech itself.

So why is IT support so important if I know how to use my brand-new tech already? Here are five reasons:

1. Help with the day-to-day

Business-enabling IT support does a lot more than just check that your actual tech functions – although it does that as well. There are always going to be times when a laptop dies, a file is lost or a member of the team needs help with a new app. IT support, with a friendly, approachable helpdesk, staffed by knowledgeable technicians will take care of all these practical day-to-day issues for you.

2. Data management, storage and compliance

Data protection is a big issue and the implications for not adhering to GDPR are significant. Your IT support provider will ensure that your business manages and stores its data correctly, according to the permissions of those who need to access it. They will ensure your data storage is free from vulnerabilities, and fulfils all your compliance and legal obligations, while remaining accessible to those that need it according to their job role.

3. Security

Windows Defender, although a good start, is not sufficient by itself to keep your business free from cybercrime. Digital threats constantly evolve and increase the likelihood of your business suffering from an attack. Malware and viruses, as well as phishing attacks are one of the biggest threats in today’s business operating environments. But a reputable IT support provider will use the latest antivirus products and strategies to ensure you remain free from the harm of cybercrime.

4. Disaster planning and recovery

You may know how to restore from backup, but you shouldn’t have to face any business-threatening disasters if a proper recovery plan has been put in place. Your IT support provider will take care of this for you, working through the implications of each stage, and putting in place the innovative solutions to recover you and ensure your vital business continuity, should a disaster happen.

5. Connectivity, collaboration and communication

Effective business communication between systems and employees, and colleagues across teams and premises, even countries, depends on the intelligent use of hosted telecommunications. From the hardware you use to call and video-conference, to the use of cloud-based apps such as Office 365, your IT support provider will advise you on the best way to keep you and your teams connected, according to the nature and size of your business.

Summing up!

IT support is required for your new business tech to ensure your:

  1. Effective, trouble-free day-to-day working
  2. Data management, storage and compliance
  3. Security against the damaging cybercrime of malware, viruses and phishing
  4. Effective disaster planning and recovery
  5. Connectivity, collaboration and communication
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