We’re not playing hide and seek. Or developed the power of invisibility. Surprise! We are in fact working as usual, from the safety and comfort of our own homes. Cultrix service is as-normal, during this coronavirus outbreak. In fact, so normal, that all of our customers won’t notice any difference at all.

Our office may be empty…

An alarming forty-eight per cent of businesses in the UK are still not set up for their workers to function and fulfil regular duties from home or remotely. Many more businesses and organisations report having the equipment, but not yet set up the systems and permissions to take their business fully and successfully out of the office premises, connecting staff so that they can carry out their roles in full.

At Cultrix, we have always been set up for each individual to work from home, to accommodate a snow day, a sick child or relative day, or a feeling under-the-weather day. Even for some members of the team to work from abroad! But never the whole team all at once. Now, every member of our team is working successfully at home, with the same access to everything they had when in the office, with the same restrictions and access, their phones and all Cultrix applications.

Our service and IT support to our customers is completely uninterrupted, and apart from a knock on the door from the window cleaner, entirely seamless. With the immediate future uncertain, we know that this way, our staff are safe at home, which in turn ensures a more robust, long-term plan for service delivery.

If you need help to get your staff fully operational from home to service your customers without interruptions, please contact us online or call 0330 333 5793.