Have you registered for the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) Early Warning service yet? It’s free for all organisations and involves just a simple registration procedure to sign up.

Register for the FREE NCSC’s Early Warning service

Why should I register for the Early Warning service?

The level of online threats to organisations and businesses is growing all the time so the more weapons you have in your arsenal against cybercrime, the better.

Even if you have effective antivirus software in place, nothing is ever 100% guaranteed so it is recommended that you have the early warning system in place too. Whatever you already have in place: antivirus, spyware and malware protection, it is still worth have this free early warning system.

What does the Early Warning system do?

The service informs you of threats that come from UK-focused threat intelligence feeds. This intelligence comes from trusted sources, some of which are high-level sources not available anywhere else.

By registering details of your organisation’s assets, you will get notifications delivered to you of the following types:

  • Incident notifications - where there is a suggestion your system may have been compromised 
  • Network abuse events – where your assets may be associated with malicious activity 
  • Vulnerability alerts – where there may be indications of vulnerable services running on your assets

The Early Warning system is not enough on its own

The NCSC’s Early Warning system should not be used in isolation, but is meant to complement any existing cyber protection and intelligence products you already have, such as antivirus, malware and anti-spam, etc.

Where can I register?


What will I need?

Just the basics to complete their easy three-stage registration process:

  • Names, email addresses and phone numbers of your primary contacts 
  • IP addresses of your public facing systems 
  • Domain names of your public facing services

Want to talk more about the security of your systems?

Our cybersecurity experts are here to advise you if you have concerns. With the best cybersecurity products on the market, we are constantly up to date with the latest threat intelligence and can help you to stay one step ahead.