IT support is a booming service industry. Good news, if you’re thinking about setting up as a provider yourself, or engaging a white label partner to act for you. The downside is, it’s extremely competitive.

Setting up as an IT support provider

If you want to provide IT support services to your clients you need to be singing louder and clearer in order to stand out in a crowded market. This means, thinking about your service offer very carefully, and ensuring that the IT support services you offer fit the needs of your clients.

What will be your specialism?

You’ll be expected to provide the comprehensive range of IT support, but it will help to raise your profile to have a specialism. An area of expertise will define you from the rest of the IT support firms out there, and it’s an area you can go to town on in your marketing.

If you are approaching a white label partner to provide the IT support in your name, you need to know their specialism, be confident in it, and end ensure it fits with your goals, so that you can capitalise on these in your own marketing campaigns.

There are a number of specialism options.

Expert trainer

Depending on the needs of your clients, you could plan to complement your IT support with an offer of training to users, potentially setting up training programmes for requirements now and going forward, to support your clients’ organisations. Training audits and reviews could be provided and added to the package of support.

Again, if using a white label partner, training could be the element you provide alongside their support, or they could provide it in your name.

Big on security

Cybercrime is always on the rise and is a constant threat for businesses. If you can demonstrate that your IT support goes above and beyond to minimise potential threats and vulnerabilities you could set yourself apart as an IT support provider offering added peace of mind and security. Reviews of system security, vulnerability audits, and an eye on business continuity and disaster recovery policies will distinguish you as a provider who is covering all the bases when it comes to safety and business.

Remote access specialist

Do your clients have a need, especially since the pandemic, for increased remote access working? If your engineers, or those of your white label IT provider are experienced in liberating a networked workforce, or specialise in remote access methodologies for a range of workers and key workers, this could be an appropriate specialism for you and your service provision.

Service monitoring and pledges

Remote service monitoring of clients’ systems is usual and should be how you operate the surveillance and support of your clients’ IT. But, it’s a good marketing hook nevertheless, for example: “We will fix issues before they become a headache.” Or your helpdesk could be hot on the tickets, or offer real time tracking of issues; you may be able to make a service pledge, for example: “We will resolve your issues in one hour.”

Building integrated systems

Helping businesses integrate systems, saving valuable time and effort in processes or unnecessary paperwork is a big selling point if you can offer it, or find a white label provider who can. Providing IT support is a good basis for identifying the problems of inefficiency and systems that do not integrate, costing businesses time and money. An integrated system can eradicate repetition, improve record keeping, security and customer experience, and you’ll be onto a good thing if you can help businesses with this.

As an IT support provider there are so many other beneficial services you could provide to your clients. Again, whether you provide these yourself, or source a reliable and experienced professional white label specialist to provide services in your name is up to you.