It's cost effective

No initial outlay is required for the purchase of new servers and computers, just a simple, budgetable monthly charge. A 10-user company can expect to save 25% over 5 years with hosted desktops over traditional IT solutions.

Six very good reasons why you should get on the cloud

It's safe and secure

Virtual desktops are operated in a professionally monitored environment with automated, encrypted backups, stored safely and securely. Enterprise firewalls, Web filtering, Anti Virus, Spam Filtering all come as standard, and all are constantly monitored and updated for you to ensure your data stays protected.

You only pay for what you use

You can grow or shrink your cloud computing environment to your business needs. More space or less users - you can scale up or down with ease. The resources are unlimited with desktops on demand, and you can add or remove services within minutes.

You can access your desktop from anywhere with an Internet connection

Whether it's a PC, a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone – you can transfer data securely and easily. You can even do all the regular tasks you'd expect such as printing and scanning.

Remote working

With tube drivers striking, signal failures and over-running engineering works disrupting journeys to work, not to mention the bad weather and traffic increasing by 3% every year - wouldn't your business benefit from having the option to work from anywhere? You can stop contributing immediately to the £20billion lost by UK businesses every year.

You can be reassured of disaster recovery and business continuity

If the worst was to happen you can be fully up and running again within 15 minutes. Your data is safe and secure in the cloud, ensuring your system is up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.