We probably all spend more time than we would like to on spam email. It's more than a nuisance; it's a waste of time. And time is money, as is often remarked in business.

Spam: the solution

But there is a solution to this nuisance, and waste of time. Beyond just the annoyance and time wasting that spam causes, it also has a darker side. Hidden inside spam are the potential malware and phishing attempts that can cause real harm.

On a basic level, phishing attempts are a way of trying to get sensitive information from you without you realising it. To do this, there are often links in an email that lead to a spoof of a reputable website, such as your bank or bank or email provider. So, for example, when you enter your details, you're tricked into thinking you're accessing your bank, or whatever organisation the website is spoofing. But you are not. You are entering a spoof, entirely fake, site. You can learn more about how to spot and avoid phishing emails in our blog post.

As well as phishing attempts, spam emails might also contain malware, and other computer nasties. Even though you're protected by an antivirus it's still possible for a new kind of threat to enter your computer under the proverbial radar.

The other problem is that falling victim to a phishing attempt and getting a computer virus can have other consequences for a business. In the UK the ICO can fine businesses for data leaks, which could be a result of getting a virus, or even compromised login details from phishing attempts, giving the wrong people access to your company's sensitive data.

The solution: spam filtering

Okay, it does seem kind of obvious. But it's often just forgotten about, and sometimes even dismissed because of the cost. However, it's actually not a big cost at all. At £4 per month, per domain (excl VAT) that's less than the cost of a cup of coffee and a cake. That cost is also for unlimited mailboxes, so regardless of the size of your organisation as long as all your email addresses are under one domain (such as info@yourcompany.co.uk) the cost doesn't go up for the amount of mailboxes you have.

If you'd like to enquire about spam filtering you can call Dawn on 01226 736 680, or email her on Dawn@Cultrix.co.uk. Alternatively you can leave your details with us, and we'll contact you.

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