The UK government and UK Finance, the collective voice for the finance industry, have launched Take Five, a national campaign, resource, awareness-raising body and advice centre for businesses in the fight against online threats.

Take Five helps businesses fight cybercrime

UK Finance represents more than 250 financial firms across the industry and exists to further the mission that the UK be the “safest and most transparent financial centre in the world” and a hostile environment for cybercriminals.

As a provider of business IT support services, of which cybersecurity plays an ever-increasing part in ensuring businesses operate as risk-free and securely as possible, Cultrix works to protect against and alert customers to the evolving risks.

But, as we always say at Cultrix, IT is only ever as secure as its users, so the more awareness there is amongst employees and business owners, to the latest forms of cybercrime, the better and more secure our collective business operating environment is.

Stop. Challenge. Protect.

Because scammers and criminals often rely for their success on us letting our guard down. Take Five have introduced: ‘Stop. Challenge. Protect.’ An easy-to-remember approach to what to do if you are contacted and asked for money, or personal information.

Criminals will often impersonate people, organisations and suppliers known to you, so it can be difficult to spot the difference, by email, phone or other online methods.

To help your business stay safe from fraud and scams, and the detrimental financial and reputational risks they present, business leaders and employers are encouraged to adopt Stop. Challenge. Protect. And cascade this approach to their workforce.

For instance, if you are approached for an urgent payment, or to change supplier bank details, a common way for criminals to target attacks on businesses.

Stop. Take a second to stop and think. Before you give away payment or personal information, reassure yourself and be convinced that this is a legitimate transaction or request from a legitimate business contact.

Challenge: If it feels fake, feel empowered to say no and challenge the request. Verify all payment and supplier details with the company on a known phone number or person first. If the request is legitimate then you will not receive pressure – only criminals will try to pressure people into giving away money or details.

Protect: If you suspect you may have been the victim of a scam, contact your bank immediately and report it to Action Fraud.

Business advice against fraud

On the Take Five website, business owners can find advice for businesses, toolkits, and even a quiz for employees, to find out how security savvy you and your business are.

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