There are many advantages to providing supplementary, specialist products and services to your customers, without using your own resources to do so. This is the practice known as ‘white labelling’ and is widely used by many industries, notably the IT and food industries. But it should be part of a long-term strategy and there are several things to consider when looking for and choosing a white label partner to deliver in your name.

The advantages of white labelling IT and things to consider

Protect your brand

The clue is in the words, “your name”. Your name is part of your brand, and everything you stand for in your customers’ eyes. If you care anything at all about your brand, it needs to be only with the utmost caution that you have someone else come in and start interacting with your customer base. Any shoddy work they do will reflect badly on you, and damage your business. Remember, your customers won’t know it’s anyone but you who they’re dealing with.

Is it the right product?

Consider the product you are wanting to white label. Make sure that the product or service provided by your white label partner is exactly what your customers want. Consult a specialist and make sure it is adding complementary and brand-strengthening collateral to your customer offer.

Are they the right partner?

It comes down to protecting your business and your brand again. Before you engage a white label partner to deliver in your name, check they are going to be able to live up to the level of after service you require, in the long term. What’s their track record in customer service? What are they like to deal with? Do they have the right approach? Do they care? Will they stick around?

The advantages of white labelling

Now the warnings are out of the way, we can point out the great advantages to your business of providing specialist white label services. Once you find a partner you can completely trust, with a quality product or service that you are delighted to have delivered to your customers in your name, you will reap the benefits many times over.

Providing more products and services to more people instantly gives your brand more exposure and reach. If customers are benefitting then this also strengthens your brand and creates their increased loyalty; if you’re covering more of the services they need, they are less likely to go elsewhere.

You can offer specialist, expert services that you don’t have to develop and test yourself, and became known as the expert without having to actually be one. You’ll be using the best talent in the industry, which opens up endless possibilities for your business and market growth.

If you find a great, reliable white label partner, they are well worth the cost. Not only that, they take a lot of pressure off you in terms of effort. You can effectively sit back and let them do the work, whilst reaping the benefits of more, happy customers.