Now more than ever, it’s important for charities and third-sector organisations to have a business mindset when it comes to improving the quality of their customers’ experiences. In a recent article at ThirdSector, it’s explained why this should also include digital transformation.

Thinking about the future for charities and third-sector organisations. Why digital is so important.

It’s really digital technology that enhances the customer experience in so many ways, and by customers, we mean anyone that interacts with your charity or third-sector organisation, including employees and donors. There is an expectation, from all parties in your customer community, that experience of your brand and your organisation is mostly digital. For instance, donors expect to be able to see the results of their donations in real-time; stakeholders expect to be able to communicate with you across all platforms; and employees expect to have the technology to be able do their job well.

And it’s known that charities and third-sector organisations that have development plans and strategies in place, are better able to achieve their goals and be sustainable way into the future. At Cultrix, we think about the future a great deal. It’s our job to horizon scan, to futureproof organisations for everything they want to achieve in their short, medium and long-term plans, including charities. We also happen to believe that charities play a vital role in our society, and lives, and we want them to be around, doing their amazing work, for many years to come.

Cultrix started out life in the very early days by providing IT support to charitable organisations and know very well the challenges they face. Our roots are in these early days, and seeing first-hand why giving back benefits society at large and how there is a need to work smarter to maximise all resource. We love to work with charities to provide the type of enabling IT that transforms. We can improve your customer experience, and help you achieve your ambitions for great outcomes. It’s not just that we will work on your IT and digital at a discount, but we’ve got the mindset to help you think about the future and take care of some of the means by which you’ll be around for a very long time.