How often are you reminded to backup your files and data? Sometimes you may do just that. But the chances are that on your desk there are CDs, memory sticks and maybe even old floppy disk drives with backed up files on. This may work for you for now, but memory sticks and external hard drives scattered around is a far from ideal situation.

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Cloud Backup

Your files anywhere:

With cloud backup all your backed up data is available to view from anywhere, on any device. With apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone followed by a wep app, you can view your files from virtually anything with an internet connection. Access to your files is therefore convenient and easy, as opposed to dealing with stacks of physical media, such as memory sticks and CDs. This is particularly true of mobile devices, which usually don't have disk drives, or full size USB ports and then require an adapter to view files on memory sticks.

Cloud backup is automatic:

Cloud backup gives you total peace of mind because you know your files are always backed up. There's no need to worry about having a backup schedule, or taking part of your day out to make sure your files are safely on that memory stick. It just happens. One less thing to worry about.

If something does happen to your PC, you can restore your files with just one click. This means not having the hassle of figuring out where the most up to date backup of your files is, and making sure you have all your files back after an office mishap, or computer disaster.

Safety and security:

There are many advantages to storing your data on physical media, such as a CD or an external hardrive but it's not without problems. For example, how often have you ever lost a memory stick? Or how many of your CDs have been scratched over the years? No matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. Now imagine if you lost one of those memory sticks that has a backup of your, or a client's sensitive data? You wouldn't want to face a fine from the ICO for a data breach.

With cloud backup all your files are stored safely and securely online, protected by your password. Keeping sensitive data away from prying eyes. Beyond just protecting your data from unauthorised access, you are protected against the accidents that can happen to physical media. Your backup data in the cloud isn't just more secure, it's safer.

Cloud backup is, great but it's also, and perhaps surprisingly, cheap. So cheap that it's actually free, with just a £30 setup fee. For more information about cloud backup, or to get it from Cultrix you can call us on 01226 736680, or email Dawn via