When there’s a Microsoft vulnerability, it’s global and affects each and every business to be alert, aware and ready to take the necessary action, unless your IT people are already on it.

We’re all affected by global security

Announced on 12 March by NCSC (UK’s National Cyber Security Centre), part of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), was a wholesale attack of Microsoft’s email servers.  As a result, NCSC announcements urged all businesses and organisation to patch their Microsoft Exchange servers without delay.

The scale of the problem is not fully identified, but it was estimated there could be tens of thousands of victims of the cyberattack worldwide. A figure of 8000 Exchange servers are thought to be in the UK, in the private sector, and at the time of the announcement it was estimated around half of these have been patched.

“We’re vulnerable!”

Unfortunately, when a global or significant cybersecurity breach is announced, it potentially makes the situation worse by alerting even more cybercriminals to the vulnerabilities they look to take advantage of and piggyback on into compromised systems.

But then again, there is no other way to alerting the community than by announcing the global threat, so that it can take all the necessary actions to update their systems and protect themselves.

It’s a catch-22.

Run those important updates

We feel we say this a lot, but you really must keep up to date with your updates. Don’t put off what can be updated today, or tonight, if you really can’t do it immediately. 

The longer you leave your updates, the bigger the vulnerability-window becomes. Microsoft issue updates to protect you against the very attacks just recently announced, and which potentially affect every business and organisation, depending on the type of attack.

“But I don’t listen to the news.”

Not a news listener or reader? It’s difficult to know how you would find out about a global security threat that could affect you, unless you have IT people looking after you.

Cultrix IT support customers may read the news, but they don’t have to worry too much.

Before the announcement, Cultrix, as IT support and cybersecurity professionals, linked in to the Microsoft network, knew about the security breach, and took the necessary action to patch all customers’ Exchange servers.

There will always be new threats

As soon as possible after the knowledge of a new threat or security breach, Cultrix is able to implement the necessary updates and security patches as they are issued from Microsoft.

It doesn’t come any quicker than that. And it’s certainly a lot quicker than waiting for the announcement in the national press.

It’s just another less thing, IT support customers have to worry about.