A microsite is a branded web page, or small group of pages, which has its own independent content and function, but sits within your existing website to complement a specific, defined activity. A microsite can either have its own domain, or a subdomain.

What is a microsite?

Why would I need a microsite?

You might think, I have a website. Why do I need a microsite? Isn’t that just more expense, time and effort?

It’s a common misconception that a microsite is expensive and complex to set up. Microsites are extremely useful to businesses and not complex or expensive. They can be used to:

  • Run specific campaigns for marketing one or a range of products 
  • Launch and promote new products 
  • Launch and develop a brand under an umbrella brand 
  • Gather email addresses and drive traffic to your main website

Here are some of the benefits of microsites

1. You get a dedicated spotlight on a product

By focusing on one of your products or brands, there is zero distraction for the browser, enabling a clearer and more rapid browsing and shopping experience, which leads to higher buying rates.

2. You’ll gain an SEO advantage

Microsites are clear in their purpose and due to their simplicity create engaging, satisfying experiences browsers enjoy. Customers can find your product or service easier and faster; all leading to your increased ranking.

3. More email addresses equal more marketing

A strategically placed microsite asking browsers to register for discounts, receive further information or special offers, can drive warm leads to your main website in their droves, as well as increase the reach of your email marketing.

4. Have another shot at branding

If your main branding isn’t working, or you want to try out a branding idea or test project, a microsite is the perfect way to do it. You can test new branding before implementing it to your main site, or use separate branding for a specific product or service.

5. Widen your audience

Since you can embark on different brands and launches, even going so far as to have separate campaigns for different target audiences, you can significantly extend your market reach, with relatively little outlay.

6. Develop geographical-based customer bases

You can have a microsite with specific geographical content, to be returned in local search results in order to attract customers in different parts of the country, as required.

7. Take advantage of seasonal products

Because microsites are quick and simple to set up, you can run Christmas and other seasonal campaigns without having to alter your main website.

Why microsites are cost-effective

Get all of the benefits and uses above without the need to develop masses of pages and their related rafts of content. Clear, to-the-point content for one or a couple of pages, although will need thought putting into it and skill to construct effectively, is nowhere near the amount of time and cost of a full website.

Got an idea of how a microsite can benefit your business? If you think it, we can do it.