Our MultiOffice IT support is ideal for organisations with more than one office or location and means that you don't have to pay more for your IT support across different offices and locations than you need to. And, if you're a business centre, startup hub and/or incubator then our MultiOffice support will allow you to provide IT support to your tenants at much lower prices.

What is MultiOffice support and how can it save me money?

MultiOffice - easy for 1, 2, 3 or more offices

Cultrix's MultiOffice IT support combines multiple offices or organisations on one agreement, with each additional one increasing the discount applied. Therefore the more offices or organisations that join, the bigger the discounts, plus you get a discount on your first office straight away. With multiple offices or organisations on one IT support agreement, all are eligible for a discount. We would simply require the details of all of your offices or organisations to quote for them all at the same time. And, with our price guarantee, if you find a cheaper IT support quote elsewhere we'll not only match it but give you a month free IT support. Even with MultiOffice savings, you will still receive all our IT support features including:

  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Unlimited helpdesk support
  • 24-hour proactive system monitoring
  • Server management and maintenance
  • Ongoing computer maintenance
  • Support for printers and networking equipment
  • Backup management
  • Virus removal
  • Warranty management
  • Annual system audit
  • Annual security assessment
  • Integrated Office 365, and Google Apps support

If you would like a MultiOffice IT support quote please phone us. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you start saving! Or if you prefer you can fill out the form on our Contact us section to start a MultiOffice quote today.

MultiOffice FAQ

For general information on IT support go to our IT support section. We hope this page has been informative, but just in case it's needed, we have answered some of the most common MultiOffice questions here:

What is MultiOffice IT support?

MultiOffice gives you great discounts and lets you cover multiple offices or organisations on one agreement - and the more offices or organisations you cover, the bigger the discount.

Is MultiOffice IT support for me?

If you have two or more offices or organisations, then MultiOffice could save you money; for example two organisations with 10 computers and a server each could save about £189.60 under a MultiOffice agreement in comparison to having two separate agreements. Don't worry if the renewal dates on your existing IT support agreements are different, because we'll help you bring them together.

Do all offices have to be part of the same business/charity?

Nope, MultiOffice IT support is for an organisation with multiple locations, or for separate organisations that are consolidating their services to reduce costs. Same organisation with multiple offices or different organisations under one roof - it doesn't matter as long as you are willing to be covered under a single agreement. If you have homeworkers they can be covered too.

Can I still get discounts if each office/organisation has different renewal dates?

Yes, don't worry if the renewal dates on your existing agreements are different. We'll help you bring your renewal dates together.

If all the renewal dates are the same, won't I get a big bill?

No. The clever thing about MultiOffice is that the discount increases as you add more offices or organisations. And you can spread the cost by paying for your IT support quarterly or over twelve months for no additional cost.

Won't it be difficult to change what my IT support agreement covers?

Not at all. You can change details of your agreement any time you like during the term of the IT support agreement. Whether you’re growing or shrinking, just let us know the details and we’ll adjust your agreement (and payment) accordingly.

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