When registering your domain name, be sure to find out how your domain registrar treats domain transfers.

Will your Registrar Hold your Domain to Ransom?

Many registrars will charge for the release of a domain name to be transferred to a different registrar. Make sure, when you sign up, that you know whether release fees are charged, and what they are.

Bear in mind that for some top-level domains (TLDs), including .com, there is a transfer fee which is charged by the TLD registry. But for some domains, including .uk domains, there is no transfer fee charged by the TLD registry. Therefore any fees you are charged for transfers for these TLDs are imposed solely by your registrar.

If your registrar properly states that they charge for domain transfers in the terms and conditions which you were asked to read when you registered your Domain Name with them, they are entitled to request that you pay this fee when you wish to transfer your domain. However, if you feel that you were not properly informed of transfer fees when you registered your domain name, you can appeal to the TLD registry for help.

Whether or not your registrar charges a release fee, for .co.uk Domain Names, you can ask Nominet to manually transfer the TAG of your domain to a new TAG holder. At the moment, this will cost you £15. If your domain registrar is trying to charge more than £15 for a domain transfer, you may well be best off asking Nominet to do it for you manually. Bear in mind that your domain registrar may still chase you for outstanding fees if you decide to take this option.

Cultrix does not charge any extra fees for domain name transfers. The only time a charge is raised is when transferring to Cultrix a non .uk domain, the registry requires us to add an additional year as part of the transfer so the charge is for this extended registration and not the actual transfer.