The costs behind IT services- if nothing is going wrong, it’s money well spent

As with any specialist service, to understand the costs you have to know the technical detail of how that service is supplied. And IT services are about as technical as you can get! But at Cultrix, we want to be as transparent about IT services as possible, and explain them in everyday language.

Explaining the cost behind IT services

Sometimes it can seem, if there is nothing going wrong, that your IT service provider is doing very little for the money you are paying them. But actually, the opposite is likely to be true.

Here’s why:

The more resilient the service provided, the higher the cost, but the less breaches, downtime and compromise to your business there will be. In our experience, cheap IT service means shortcuts and being left open to non-compliance, lack of security and compromised service.

Our Cultrix cloud is so resilient, due to the ‘tier’ rating of our data centres and the dedicated, rather than contended servers we use, that our IT customers are online all the time. We take their security and data monitoring seriously, so we are always watching over their systems to ensure infrastructure and data are safe and free from threat. This all takes time, resource and constant innovation.

What we charge at Cultrix isn’t expensive for the quality and backup we provide. We actually do as much as we can to ensure our costs are as competitive in the industry as possible, whilst providing the best possible service.

The firewalls we use are enterprise-class, as is all our hardware. We have no fewer than six internet connections from six different providers into our cloud servers, to ensure complete continuity and safety. We’ve insured our systems and those of our customers to the hilt, but all this comes at a cost.

We rescue customers time and again from IT providers who provide cheaper IT services, so we know the damage that lack of protection for business infrastructure can do.

If you don’t have the issues of lack of security and downtime, then either, your provider is earning their money by protecting you fully, or nothing has gone wrong yet.

If you would like to compare the service you are receiving from your provider with a Cultrix service with a like-for-like quote, please contact our friendly team. We are happy to explain about the infrastructure we use and its costs, and how it’s the best way to protect your business.

To learn more about the costs associated with IT services, please check out our articles on simplified data centre tier ratings, and why it’s important to use dedicated rather than contended, or shared, servers.