Giving browsers your expertise for free, pays

People who visit your website fit into three categories. Not just your website, all websites.

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Build a high-performing website

You may find a website developer who can build a website more cheaply than us, but we know how long it takes to do it right, and our prices, like most dedicated developers who only want to build quality websites, are based on the time it takes to do this.

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Cultrix MultiOffice IT

With a MultiOffice IT support agreement from Cultrix you can cover as many offices or organisations as you need to on one agreement. Every office or organisation added increases the discount, plus you get a discount on your first office straight-away. More offices or organisations equals more discount.

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Six very good reasons why you should get on the cloud

No initial outlay is required for the purchase of new servers and computers, just a simple, budgetable monthly charge.

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Essential Guide to Outsourcing your IT Support

It’s a rare thing these days when something is cheaper and better. Especially in the commercial world. It’s true that IT outsourcing for small businesses, medium and large, whether that’s to outsource your entire IT department or just outsource desktop support is, by far, cheaper and better if you get a bunch of outside experts to do it.

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Knowledgebase at Cultrix HQ

Don't be the victim of a cyber attack - a staff guide

The biggest risk to your organisation are the people working within it. Infections generally get into your system because someone inside was tricked into opening an unsafe file or link. Everyone who uses your computers or network has the potential to infect your entire system – all files they have access to are at risk. For this reason it is important to educate your entire team about being safe online so your organisation isn't the next victim of a cyber attack.

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