At Cultrix we like to make sure that our customers' are more than satisfied. That is our top priority. Our customers need to be as happy as possible with their IT. One of the ways that we can help make this happen is to use a system that detects customers' problems before they become issues. This is our proactive system monitoring; and it helps us to stay one step ahead of any blips.

How our proactive system monitoring keeps us one step ahead

So what does our proactive system monitoring do exactly? Many things. But we'll start with the monitoring element.

Our software that is installed onto your system, as an IT support customer, monitors the critical elements of your PC. Such as how much of your processor, RAM and hard disk space is being used. As well as the hard disk failure prediction. Monitoring these critical elements and others allows the software to spot potential future issues. This alerts us, and enables us to take the steps needed to prevent problems.

It's not just the hardware that we constantly monitor. We also proactively monitor software. This means that you're not left behind. So if your antivirus isn't up to date, we'll be alerted so we can sort it remotely in the background to make sure you're protected.

From our system monitoring tools we can roll out updates, and security patches at a time that suits your working hours, which means that your workflow is not interrupted. The same goes for any software that your organisation needs.

Not all problems can be detected ahead of time of course; sometimes things just break. Computers are machines with moving parts after all, and just like any other machine, they can fail. When that happens, we can easily get you back up and running.

Cultrix IT support is like insurance, here for you when there's a problem but with the added benefit of proactive system monitoring, taking care of you at all time. From advice with Microsoft Excel to complete system failure to remote, no-hassle software updates, Cultrix look after all aspects of IT happiness to keep their customer completely satisfied.